Heart Healthy Schools

Heart Healthy Schools is an initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick aimed at improving the school environment to support healthy lifestyle choices, for children and youth.

Health behaviours, such as making healthy food choices and being physically active, are sensitive to environmental influences.

Heart Healthy Schools is a program that provides support to school administrators in the promotion of a healthy environment, among the members of the school community.

The school environment, both the physical and social environment, can play a significant role in supporting health behaviours in children. The environment defines culture. What is most popular among the members of a particular community can affect potential health behaviours and health outcomes. A school culture that supports the healthy choice as the easiest and most popular choice will benefit from student engagement in healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours.

A Heart Healthy School Supports and Promotes

5 servings of vegetable and fruit each day

2 hours of screen time or less each day

1 hour of physical activity or more each day

0 sugar sweetened beverages each day

A Heart Healthy School Makes the Healthy Choice the Easiest and Most Popular Choice Available

These health behaviours play an important role in the healthy development of children and youth and are the focus in the prevention of childhood obesity, a major risk factor for many chronic diseases.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is committed to giving children and youth the best start for a long, healthy life.

Schools who participate in the Heart Healthy Schools initiative will be given tools, resources and training to help administrators support a healthy school environment. Schools are asked to complete the 10 steps to becoming a Heart Healthy School. Schools who successfully complete the 10 Steps to becoming a Heart Healthy Schools will be awarded a grant from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick.

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